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Accreditation Programs

Property managers and owners may wish to use either or both programs as part of their marketing plan. Please contact us to assist you with your accreditation needs in Hotel-Resort Security or Employee Staff training programs.

Hotel-Resort Security Accreditation Program

Spearheaded by Dr. Peter Tarlow (Founder and CEO of “Tourism and More”), the accreditation program explores 5 areas of security. These areas include:

  • External Issues
  • Internal Issues
  • Operational Practices
  • Administrative Practices
  • Sociological-Demographic Environment of the Property

Through processes such as on-site inspections, employee and guest surveys, reviewing local and regional criminal incident data, discussions with local and state law enforcement agencies, and a review of the properties operating procedures, the accreditation process allows the property to be assessed through all facets of its operation.

Upon successful completion of the analysis, the hotel-resort will be awarded a certificate as a safe and secure property. The initial accreditation takes approximately 3 days. To remain accredited, the hotel-resort must go through a review process every 3 years.

Employee Staff Training Program

Also available is a 2-day training session for all hotel-resort employees on the basic concepts of safety and security. The employee will be trained on the following:

  • How to Observe and Respond to Incidents
  • How to Identify and Report Suspicious Activity
  • Responding to a Crisis Situation


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