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Tourism Oriented Policing and the Tourism Industry

by Dr. Peter Tarlow •

This article provides an overview of tourism security. The article concentrates on the world of tourism oriented policing and protection services (TOPPs) and how the TOPPs initiative is becoming an integral part of both police and private security programs. The article touches upon how tourism security is different from others forms of security, how police departments need to adapt new and innovative models and how the former paradigm of police generalists is no longer valid in an age of cerebral security and professional specification. This article also reviews some of the psychological and sociological factors that separates tourism security from other forms of security.

SEGURIDAD Y TERRORISMO EN UN MUNDO GLOBAL: Discutiendo la perspectiva según Sevil Somnez, Abraham (Abe) Pizam y Peter Tarlow

by Maximiliano E. Korstanje •

New ideas for marketing your brand

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at eTurboNews.com

Ways to make your ordinary tourism industry extraordinary without spending extra money

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at eTurbo News

Seguridad percibida en la ciudad de Curitiba. Un sondeo exploratorio en residentes locales y turistas

Using your police department and first responders to promote your city, state, or nation

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at eTurbo News

Getting Ready for Major Events

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at Corporate Events

This summer much of the world’s eyes will be on London, England and the Summer Olympic Games as the world premier sporting event begins on 27 July

Cruise Risks, Threats and Dangers: A Theory

by Peter Tarlow, Maximiliano E. Korstanje, Ericka Amorin and Jose Manoel Goncalvez Gandara •

The present paper explores the world of cruise tourism considering not only the sociological aspects for what many consumers select these types of mobile hotels for their holidays, but also providing with an all encompassed framework to expand the current understanding of risk and mobilities in our times. The modern world, results in an aplitic tendency not necessarily due to the inevitability of risk, but because it introduces new risks for which the past does not provide us guidance from which to find solutions. From this perspective, modernity’ tendency to produce rapid change and with it to introduce ever more challenging risks has greatly changed the role of the tourism security expert. The cruise-related tourism combines the classical order of control with the creation of new risks. Cruises, like all forms of tourism, are a perishable product and the result of a danger that comes to fruition is a new economic danger and risk to a business in particular and a society in general. This paper gives to reader practical suggestions to create and improve the policies aimed at protecting passengers on board.

The Ecology of Sustainable Tourism

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at eTurboNews

Develop Your Own Pilgrimage Tourism

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at Tourism-Review.com

Tourism in an Uncertain World

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at Tourism Review

Protecting the female traveler

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at eTurboNews

In the world of travel agencies, the great majority are women and at least in the United States women are often not merely travel agents but also the agencies’ owners.

Tourism professionals must pay close attention to US default crisis

• Found at eTurboNews Group

Norway Tastes Terrorism

• Found at eTurboNews Group

Tourism faces the high cost of fuel

by Peter Tarlow • Found at Tourism Tidbits

Does tourism promote peaceful coexsistence?

• Found at tourism-review.com

Interview with Dr. Tarlow as he advises Brazil towards World Cup 2014

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at Comunidad Segura

Tourism confronts a world in turmoil

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at eTurboNews

The air travel mess

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at eTurboNews

Sports tourism is a hot commodity

by Dr. Peter Tarlow • Found at eTurboNews

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