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Sports Travel Security

by Peter Tarlow

Sports Team Security examines the security needs for sports teams and events of all sizes. This groundbreaking book provides a fundamental model for sports team security that can be applied almost universally, from youth sports to the Super Bowl and World Cup.


Tourism Security: Strategies for Effectively Managing Travel Risk and Safety

by Peter E. Tarlow

In the post-9/11 world the field of tourism security has become an important part of both security management and tourism. Private security professionals and police departments in tourism cities, as well as hotels, major attractions, and theme parks, have all come to realize that tourism security and safety issues (often called tourism surety) are essential for industry survival and success. In
Tourism Security, leading expert Peter Tarlow guides the reader through a study of tourism security themes and best practices.

Topics include the relationship between tourism security and the economy, hotel and motel security, risk and crisis management, public places, transportation, and legal issues. This book also includes case studies of four major tourist destinations. With each destination, an interview with a police or security representative is included—providing unique, in-depth insight to security concerns.

Tourism Security is an invaluable resource for private security professionals, police departments that serve tourist destinations, and tourism professionals who work in hotels, at attractions, casinos, at events and in convention centers.


Cruzeiros Turísticos

by Amorim, Andrade, Tarlow, Mariotti, Cardona

The first book in the Portuguese language on the history, safety and marketing of Cruises

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Event Risk Management and Safety

by Peter E. Tarlow

With any event comes risk-from rowdy guests at a festival or convention to a life-threatening riot at a sports event. Event Risk Management and Safety provides a comprehensive resource for managing event risk and limiting liability for modest and grand events. Presenting theory and practical applications, this book covers topics such as measuring risk, alcoholism and drugs, crowd control, fire safety and emergency medical services, food and water safety, outdoor events, and much more.

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Twenty Years of Tourism Tidbits: The Book (Kindle Edition)

by Dr. Peter Tarlow

This book is a compendium of over 15 years of Tourism Tidbits organized around themes and placed in book form. Tourism Tidbits first authors were Drs. Peter Tarlow and Mitchell Muehsam.

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