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Tourism Tidbits Archive

Traveling to and with the Sound of Music

November 2013

Music and music festivals as a travel and tourism motivator is a growing market.

The Threat of Terrorism in Planning Major Event Security

October 2013

Recent events around the world have proven once again that holding a major event is no easy matter. Not only must a community deal with the event itself but there are always logistics, marketing, and public relations that go hand in hand with a major event.

Is Tourism Good for the Environment?

September 2013

Although it is no longer a rarely to find on a hotel bed a sign asking the guest to reuse his/her towel or to accept having sheets changed once every three days rather than once a day, many people still wonder if tourism is an environmentally friendly industry.

Tourism Truth, Advertising, Brochures

August 2013

Unfortunately, tourism and travel specialists in their desire to put their best foot forward tend to exaggerate their product’s value or at times swerve from the truth. These “marketing truths” as distinguished from “real truths” may make for great print material or ads on television or the web, but in the end cause a great deal of damage to a tourism product including a loss of credibility. One of the biggest mistakes a tourism entity can do is be less than truthful when it comes to marketing its product via brochures.

On Being A Great Tourism CEO and Industry Leader

July 2013

Travel and tourism executives have other problems that CEOs or leaders in other industries do not have.

Protecting Soft Targets

June 2013

With the onset of the summer travel season in much of the world June is a good time to ask ourselves how well we are protecting our tourism sites.

May is International Tourism Month. What Are You Doing to Mark the Month?

May 2013

Tourism is not only the world’s largest industry, but also often its most misunderstood.

Are Your Tourism Business and You Legally Vulnerable?

April 2013

Travel and tourism professionals can never forget that their profession is not only one that evokes high levels of emotions, but is often open to all sorts of liability cases that range from the frivolous to the extremely serious.

New Ideas for Marketing Your Brand

March 2013

In this month’s Tourism Tidbits we discuss branding, social media and ways to stay ahead of the pack.

Ways to Make Your Making an “Ordinary” Tourism Industry “Extraordinary” without Spending Additional Money

February 2013

Although the tourism industry prides itself on helping people to get away and find a bit of rest and change of life, in reality most people take their lives with them.  Bad habits go to new places and all too often computers have become a mixed bag, great when they work and total frustration when [...]

Using Your Police Department and First Responders to Promote Your City, State, or Nation

January 2013

The tragic and recent school shootings in the US have underlined once again the fact that too many people see police departments and other forms of security as adding nothing to the bottom line.

Using Tourism as Incentive Marketing Tool

December 2012

Even in a period of economic uncertainty, many people still go through the December dilemma of what to give for Christmas or Chanukah.

Tourism Security as a Marketing Tool

November 2012

Tourism security professionals and managers often (and justly) complain that they are considered expendable due to the fact that the other parts of the tourism industry perceive them as adding nothing to the bottom line.  In fact often tourism officials believe that security is simply and added and required expense that must be accepted, be [...]

Tourism and the Law

October 2012

A word of caution: The following material does not come from a lawyer nor is it meant to give legal advice.  Instead the information presented below is meant to stimulate thought.  Please do not make any legal decisions based on the information contained within.  Instead consult an attorney in your state or country before making [...]

Accepting Tourism Responsibility, Doing Due Diligence and Setting Standards of Care

September 2012

One of the most frequently heard complaints in the world of travel and tourism is that when things go wrong, few people accept responsibility.

Tourism and Good Health: Medical Tourism

August 2012

Tourism and health has taken on two new meanings. Health tourism can be broken down into two components, people who travel to a particular spot for medical reasons, such as cancer centers or for specific operations such a coronary bypass, and people who travel to a location for medicinal reasons such as rest and relaxation. [...]

Getting Ready for Major Events

July 2012

This summer much of the world’s eyes will be on London, England and the Summer Olympic Games. Perhaps the world premier sporting event begins on July 27th and continues until August 12. Needless to say, such a major event, even for a city as large as London is no simple matter. Organizing such a major event is no easy matter.

Developing a Tourism Continuity Plan

June 2012

This is one edition of Tourism Tidbits that you hopefully will never need, but definitely want to keep. No matter how good your risk management may be, the bottom line is that from time to time bad things do happen. No matter what we do, natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes occur, people get [...]

International Tourism Month and Tourism Security & Safety

May 2012

The city of Las Vegas will hold its 19th conference on tourism security and safety during the month of May. The choice of this month is not an accident as May is the international month for tourism, and the first rule of good hospitality is taking care of our guests. All too often tourism professionals [...]

Reviewing the Building Blocks of Tourism

April 2012

In most of the world, April marks the beginning of spring, a renewal and of fresh hope. It also marks the gateway to the busy tourism season and a time for tourism professionals to step back and contemplate their industry.

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