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Providing Tourism Cheer

December 2014

Tourism this past year has faced many challenges, from a slow economy in Europe to ISIS attacks, from medical issues such as Ebola to wars in both Europe and the Middle East.  For many around the world, despite the fact that this has not been an easy year, the month of December creates a great [...]

Delivering on the Tourism Experience

November 2014

Anyone who has traveled in the last year has faced the fact that the travel experience has some key challenges.  Tourism is promoted as a stress reliever and a way to renew both body and soul.  Unfortunately what should be and what is are often very different experiences. In too many places, travelers face imprecise [...]

The importance of the Religious Tourism Market

Religious tourism is one of the earliest forms of tourism. The idea of the religious pilgrimage begins almost with the dawn of humanity.  Almost since the dawn of history human beings have traveled to holy sites.  By the Biblical period important religious centers had become not only a part of the cultural landscape, but they [...]

Tourism’s Importance in a World in Crisis

September 2014

The last three months have not been easy ones.  Politically the world has seen some of its greatest threats since the end of World War II.  Economically, Europe is still very much in shambles, the US has fewer unemployed but it also has fewer people employed, and those who are employed often have low paying [...]

Protecting People Different from Ourselves

August 2014

Tourism is about discovering the unknown and about learning about the other.  Often in the tourism we need to deal with people who have a different sexual, religious, or political orientation from ours.  We also have to deal with, serve and protect people whom we may not like.  Often these people are a challenge to [...]

Museums Become the Tourism Industry’s New Star

July 2014

For all too many years, museums were places that people stated that they ought to visit, but often ignored, on their way to something they thought would be more fun.  That trend may be now reversing itself and as an in-depth analysis found in the British magazine, The Economist (December 21st Edition) notes, museums today [...]

Unique forms of Tourism

June 2014

People travel for many reasons. Some travel for business, others travel for a sense of adventure or for relaxation.  Leisure travel only succeeds if it provides two essential elements (1) the travel experience must offer something that the visitor cannot obtain at home and (2) the travel experience must provide memories. In fact, we can [...]

Avoiding Tourism Marketing Disasters Part II

May 2014

The April 2014 edition of Tourism Tidbits concentrated on several ideas on how to avoid a tourism marketing disaster.  Clearly the best way to recover from a marketing disaster is to avoid the disaster, but unfortunately, disasters do happen and when they do occur than a recovery plan is needed.  Do not however jump to [...]

Avoiding Tourism Marketing Disasters Part I

April 2014

Ideas and suggestions to help you contemplate what might signify a tourism disaster for your community.

Protecting our Most Important Asset: our Children: Tourism’s Fight against child Sexual Exploitation

March 2014

Tourism security has traditionally been about protecting visitors from themselves, from other tourists and from locals who seek to rob and or steal from them, commit fraud against them or in one way or another verbally or physically assault the visitor.  Unfortunately not all visitors are angles of perfection, and at least in some nations [...]

Marketing in Good and Challenging Times

February 2014

Marketing is never easy, especially when we are selling a non-tangible and often considered superficial or non-essential product. Many consider tourism such a product. It is the job of the tourism marketer to convince the public that a vacation is more than a mere want; that it is also a need.

The Tourism Outlook for 2014

January 2014

A New Year is a chance for new beginnings.  What is true of the world in general is also true of tourism.  The tourism industry does not live apart from the rest of the world. It is deeply attached to the economy’s undulations, sensitive to issues of security, and can be impacted by a host [...]

Traveling Safely in a Turbulent World

December 2013

Tourism & More presents the following ideas as a gift to you and to your clientele in the hope that these ideas will make your vacation safer.

Traveling to and with the Sound of Music

November 2013

Music and music festivals as a travel and tourism motivator is a growing market.

The Threat of Terrorism in Planning Major Event Security

October 2013

Recent events around the world have proven once again that holding a major event is no easy matter. Not only must a community deal with the event itself but there are always logistics, marketing, and public relations that go hand in hand with a major event.

Is Tourism Good for the Environment?

September 2013

Although it is no longer a rarely to find on a hotel bed a sign asking the guest to reuse his/her towel or to accept having sheets changed once every three days rather than once a day, many people still wonder if tourism is an environmentally friendly industry.

Tourism Truth, Advertising, Brochures

August 2013

Unfortunately, tourism and travel specialists in their desire to put their best foot forward tend to exaggerate their product’s value or at times swerve from the truth. These “marketing truths” as distinguished from “real truths” may make for great print material or ads on television or the web, but in the end cause a great deal of damage to a tourism product including a loss of credibility. One of the biggest mistakes a tourism entity can do is be less than truthful when it comes to marketing its product via brochures.

On Being A Great Tourism CEO and Industry Leader

July 2013

Travel and tourism executives have other problems that CEOs or leaders in other industries do not have.

Protecting Soft Targets

June 2013

With the onset of the summer travel season in much of the world June is a good time to ask ourselves how well we are protecting our tourism sites.

May is International Tourism Month. What Are You Doing to Mark the Month?

May 2013

Tourism is not only the world’s largest industry, but also often its most misunderstood.

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