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Tourism Tidbits Archive

Tourism and the Law

October 2012

A word of caution: The following material does not come from a lawyer nor is it meant to give legal advice.  Instead the information presented below is meant to stimulate thought.  Please do not make any legal decisions based on the information contained within.  Instead consult an attorney in your state or country before making [...]

Accepting Tourism Responsibility, Doing Due Diligence and Setting Standards of Care

September 2012

One of the most frequently heard complaints in the world of travel and tourism is that when things go wrong, few people accept responsibility.

Tourism and Good Health: Medical Tourism

August 2012

Tourism and health has taken on two new meanings. Health tourism can be broken down into two components, people who travel to a particular spot for medical reasons, such as cancer centers or for specific operations such a coronary bypass, and people who travel to a location for medicinal reasons such as rest and relaxation. [...]

Getting Ready for Major Events

July 2012

This summer much of the world’s eyes will be on London, England and the Summer Olympic Games. Perhaps the world premier sporting event begins on July 27th and continues until August 12. Needless to say, such a major event, even for a city as large as London is no simple matter. Organizing such a major event is no easy matter.

Developing a Tourism Continuity Plan

June 2012

This is one edition of Tourism Tidbits that you hopefully will never need, but definitely want to keep. No matter how good your risk management may be, the bottom line is that from time to time bad things do happen. No matter what we do, natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes occur, people get [...]

International Tourism Month and Tourism Security & Safety

May 2012

The city of Las Vegas will hold its 19th conference on tourism security and safety during the month of May. The choice of this month is not an accident as May is the international month for tourism, and the first rule of good hospitality is taking care of our guests. All too often tourism professionals [...]

Reviewing the Building Blocks of Tourism

April 2012

In most of the world, April marks the beginning of spring, a renewal and of fresh hope. It also marks the gateway to the busy tourism season and a time for tourism professionals to step back and contemplate their industry.

The Economics of Event Planning

March 2012

No matter what we call the event or what its purpose may be, on some level events are a business and the locale that chooses to ignore the business side of the event, will in the end suffer not only an economic failure but will also have to deal with negative publicity and potential employee turnover.

Marketing tips for smaller tourism oriented communities

February 2012

Large tourism communities often can afford specialized agencies to develop new marketing plans. The same is not true however for the smaller (or poorer) destinations.

Cashing in on the Luxury Travel Market

January 2012

Despite the worldwide recession, there is one area of the tourism market that is rapidly expanding, that is the upscale or luxury market.

Using the Social Media for Tourism

December 2011

The social media have not only changed the face of politics but also have a major influence on the world of travel and tourism.

Outdoor Safety

November 2011

Many people consider the winter months to be a time of tourism hibernation. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Ski vacations and other winter sports turn the tourism industry from a limited product into a twelve-month a year product.

The Arts and Tourism

October 2011

An area of tourism that is often overlooked is the question of the arts and tourism.

Protecting the Female Traveler

September 2011

The tourism industry is proud of the fact that as one of the world’s newest industries, women have played a profound role in tourism success. One only needs to attend almost any tourism or travel industry conference and to quickly note that women not only form a significant proportion of those in attendance, but also often are in the majority.

Tourism and Transportation

August 2011

One of the great debates in tourism is how do we differentiate between tourism and travel, and the tourist and the traveler.

Safe Tourism Produces More than Merely Safe Communities. It Produces a Whole new World of Marketing Opportunities

July 2011

Often the tourism industry hears the complaint that tourists do not deserve special treatment. Even some Police departments will make the false claim that they treat everyone the same, and therefore special attention provided to visitors is not only wrong but also goes beyond the parameters of community security.

Tourism and Trade Show

June 2011

rade shows have long been seen as an important marketing tool for a large number of industries that need to exhibit their products to a specific audience.

Tourism in a World of Technology

May 2011

Technology has the great advantage that it allows tourism industries to replace expensive human labor with technological labor, thus not only reducing labor costs but also avoiding issues of customer service. Yet technology may produce a whole new set of unintended consequences.

Event Fire Inspection Tips/A Convenient Truth for Tourism

April 2011

Putting on a successful event takes a lot of work and coordination. One area often over looked is the need to work closely with the local fire department.

Green Tourism is Beautiful Tourism

March 2011

While tourism’s critics may have had some reasons to argue that tourism was an unfriendly industry to the environment, much of those criticisms are no longer valid.