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Summer Tourism Ideas

July 2010

Many tourism locales see the summer months as high season. Prices rise, at times the service is a bit less, and many tourism attractions, hotels, restaurants or transportation systems know that the summer’s receipts will determine the success or failure of the entire year.

Tourism is Export

June 2010

The recent Icelandic volcanic eruption that closed down much of the world’s transportation system and the fighting in Greece should serve once again as a reminder not only of the importance of tourism as an economic generating tool but also that tourism is a major export commodity.

Educational Tourism

May 2010

For many in the world of education, the months of May and June represent the end of the academic year and the start of tourism’s high season. Thus, from the perspective of the tourism industry as the academic year wanes, new tourism educational opportunities begin to wax.

Sports Tourism

April 2010

There is little doubt that Sports and Athletics play a major role in tourism.

Health and Wellness Tourism

March 2010

The graying of populations in many of the more advanced parts of the world, along with shorter hospital stays have created multiple new tourism health, wellness and recovery opportunities around the world.

Reassessing Tourism Security

February 2010

The recent tourism near travel tragedy and terrorism attacks against hotels around the world serve to underline once again the importance of tourism security.

The Gay and Lesbian Tourism Market

January 2010

In this down market the gay and lesbian travel market has been one area of growth in the tourism and travel industry. Mexico City’s recent decision to become a center for gay marriages exemplifies this trend.

Religious and Pilgrimage Tourism

December 2009

The month of December is on of the times of the year when much of the world is faith oriented. Faith based industries, however, are not a one-month a year phenomenon.

Dealing with the midweek and off-season blues

November 2009

Many smaller tourism oriented cities are able to attract relatively large crowds on weekends and holidays and at festival times.

The Role of Tourism Security In Economically Challenging Times

October 2009

Despite some of the optimistic talk of global economic recovery, the highest likelihood is that the tourism industry still has several challenging months or even years ahead of it.

Green and Clean Tourism

September 2009

The recent major fires in California and Greece along with other natural disasters around the world ought to remind us that green tourism is essential if tourism is both to survive and prosper in the twenty-first century.

Business Travel Safety

August 2009

Business travel comprises a major component of the travel and tourism industry. In a down economy business travel is even more important than in past years.

The Graceful Exit

July 2009

Although no one wants to see a tourism business go under, the extraordinary times through which we are living may cause some businesses, state attractions, and other tourism venues to close their doors.

Tourism Tidbits on the Swine Flu: A Special Edition

June 2009

The recent arrival of Swine Flu has once again proven the validity of Talcott Parson’s famous statement that “Society is an integrated system of social structures and functions.”

Using Ancient Principles for a Successful Tourism Business

May 2009

Not all successful business models come from advanced educational centers. Often some of the most creative ideas come from classical sources.

Creating Passion for Your Tourism Business in Difficult Times

April 2009

Tourism is a business and like all businesses its purpose is to make money. Simply put a tourism business that does not turn a profit dies.

Building Customer Loyalty in A Global Economy

March 2009

In the current economic situation developing and keeping customer loyalty is essentially. Recognize that in a global economy customers have many more choices than ever before.

Winter Travel and Tourism

February 2009

Much of the world lives or travels to climates that are especially inhospitable during the winter months.

It’s a Global World

January 2009

The start of the year is a good time to take a deep breath and reflect upon the many changes and challenges that have occurred in tourism during these last 12 months.

Tips on Merchandising

December 2008

There is little doubt that December is all about merchandising. Due to the economic meltdown in many parts of the world, how we market may determine the difference between a successful year and a failure.

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