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Tourism and Transportation

August 2011

One of the great debates in tourism is how do we differentiate between tourism and travel, and the tourist and the traveler.

Safe Tourism Produces More than Merely Safe Communities. It Produces a Whole new World of Marketing Opportunities

July 2011

Often the tourism industry hears the complaint that tourists do not deserve special treatment. Even some Police departments will make the false claim that they treat everyone the same, and therefore special attention provided to visitors is not only wrong but also goes beyond the parameters of community security.

Tourism and Trade Show

June 2011

rade shows have long been seen as an important marketing tool for a large number of industries that need to exhibit their products to a specific audience.

Tourism in a World of Technology

May 2011

Technology has the great advantage that it allows tourism industries to replace expensive human labor with technological labor, thus not only reducing labor costs but also avoiding issues of customer service. Yet technology may produce a whole new set of unintended consequences.

Event Fire Inspection Tips/A Convenient Truth for Tourism

April 2011

Putting on a successful event takes a lot of work and coordination. One area often over looked is the need to work closely with the local fire department.

Green Tourism is Beautiful Tourism

March 2011

While tourism’s critics may have had some reasons to argue that tourism was an unfriendly industry to the environment, much of those criticisms are no longer valid.

Protecting Events

February 2011

Because major events attract a great deal of publicity any negative security occurrence can have long-term consequences for the destination. Major events have sparked a philosophical debate among both security professionals and tourism professionals.

Producing Great Events

January 2011

Major events are an important part of tourism. Be these events conferences or conventions, sporting events or religious rallies, major events impact almost every area of a tourism industry.

Encouraging people to give the gift of travel

December 2010

One of the great gifts that a person can give to another is the gift of travel. Travel serves as a perfect gift in that it allows the receiver to use it at a time that works for him/her.

Expressing Gratitude to our Guests

November 2010

On an ever-increasing basis the careful observer of tourism and travel hears phrases such as: “remember when travel used to be fun?” or “I used to love to travel and now I dread it!”

To Photograph or not to Photograph

October 2010

One of the major controversies within tourism centers is the use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television Cameras). Traditionally the debate has centered around the need for security versus the need for privacy and how to balance both needs.

The World of Timeshares

September 2010

One of the more interesting forms of tourism is what is often called the Timeshare. Timeshares are a form of tourism that fits in midway between a hotel/motel and outright ownership.

Seeking Greater Convention Business

August 2010

Conventions, in the guise of trade shows, may be one of the earliest forms of capitalism. Ever since people have started to trade with each other there has been the need to gather together, exchange ideas and find new ways to present products, services or ideas.

Summer Tourism Ideas

July 2010

Many tourism locales see the summer months as high season. Prices rise, at times the service is a bit less, and many tourism attractions, hotels, restaurants or transportation systems know that the summer’s receipts will determine the success or failure of the entire year.

Tourism is Export

June 2010

The recent Icelandic volcanic eruption that closed down much of the world’s transportation system and the fighting in Greece should serve once again as a reminder not only of the importance of tourism as an economic generating tool but also that tourism is a major export commodity.

Educational Tourism

May 2010

For many in the world of education, the months of May and June represent the end of the academic year and the start of tourism’s high season. Thus, from the perspective of the tourism industry as the academic year wanes, new tourism educational opportunities begin to wax.

Sports Tourism

April 2010

There is little doubt that Sports and Athletics play a major role in tourism.

Health and Wellness Tourism

March 2010

The graying of populations in many of the more advanced parts of the world, along with shorter hospital stays have created multiple new tourism health, wellness and recovery opportunities around the world.

Reassessing Tourism Security

February 2010

The recent tourism near travel tragedy and terrorism attacks against hotels around the world serve to underline once again the importance of tourism security.

The Gay and Lesbian Tourism Market

January 2010

In this down market the gay and lesbian travel market has been one area of growth in the tourism and travel industry. Mexico City’s recent decision to become a center for gay marriages exemplifies this trend.

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