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Tourism Tidbits Archive

Making our Travel Experiences Enchanting

April 2008

The December 2001 issue of Tourism Tidbits was dedicated to the idea of “re-enchanting tourism.” Some seven years have now passed since that edition, and travel and tourism officials are still struggling with this issue.

Half the Fun of Being There Is Getting There

March 2008

Once upon a time, the old saying “half the fun of being there is getting there” used to be tru. Our visitors and clients used to see the trip as exciting, fun, and filled with romance. Unfortunately this no longer holds true.

Developing Employee Loyalty

February 2008

Everyone seems to want loyal employees, yet few tourism businesses seem to know how to win this loyalty. In fact tourism is known for high employee turnover, low pay, and often capricious management.

Dealing with the Challenges of High Prices.

January 2008

There is little doubt that the tourism industry is facing some interesting and challenging times. Its transportation component has to deal with not only the higher cost of fuel, both in the form of gasoline and jet plane fuel, but also the fact that antiquated air systems combined with a major decline in customer service have made millions of travelers understand that travel has become hard work.

Protecting and Serving Conventioneers

December 2007

Conventions and meetings comprise a significant portion of many world destinations’ tourism business. This issue of Tourism Tidbits outlines how law enforcement, security professionals, and tourism sales/marketing personnel can collaborate better to address the concerns of meeting planners and convention managers.

High Tourism Job Turnover and the Need for Tourism Mentoring Programs

November 2007

One of the areas in which tourism officials and professionals find troublesome is the lack of trained personnel. Tourism is a fast paced industry and often has high personnel turnover.

Shopping Centers, Safety and Security

October 2007

The rise of shopping centers around the world means that these new shopping pilgrimage points are both tremendous tourism opportunities and risks.

Dealing with the Senior Market

September 2007

With the first wave of baby boomers approaching retirement age in the near future, the senior market will continue to be one of the fastest growing areas of tourism.

When Tourism has to face a Physical Crisis

August 2007

The coming decade promises to hold a number of challenges for the world’s tourism communities. If the scientists who predict global warming’s dire disasters prove to be correct, tourism will be impacted in a multiple ways.

Getting the Most out of our Employees

July 2007

No matter how good a business plan a tourism entity may have, tourism is a customer service oriented business.

Tourism is Economic Development, What Government Leaders should know

June 2007

Many government leaders have come to understand the importance of tourism as an economic development tool.

Dealing with Tourism Crises

March 2007

Because the tourism industry sells not only a perishable product but also one that is open to trends, fears, scares, and the fashion of the day, it is highly susceptible to crises.

Making your Festival a Success

February 2007

Tourism, government officials, and economic developers have long used special events and festivals as a means to increase tourism, and the revenue that comes from tourism.

Being a Good Tourism Manager

January 2007

There is no doubt that in the post 9-11 world tourism and travel are high stress jobs. In fact while most people like being on vacation or being “there” very few people like “getting there.” Changing regulations, overcrowding, and often overworked and underpaid staffs have made tourism anything but fun. In such circumstances it is [...]

Making the Most of Shopping?

December 2006

The month of December is the premier shopping month in a good part of the world. From the tourism perspective, shopping is important not only because it is one of the pillars of economies, but also because it is perhaps the number one tourism sport. In some communities, shopping has become so important that it [...]

How safe are we?

November 2006

It is now 5 years since 9-11 during which much has changed in the world of tourism and travel. There is no doubt that travel today is a lot harder than it was five years ago.

Lodging Security

October 2006

Because many hotel managers falsely believe that theses topics will frighten customers, there are still too many tourism and lodging professionals who hesitate to speak about tourism/lodging security and safety issues.

How Effective is Our Marketing?

September 2006

Often tourism and travel professionals argue that word-of-mouth is their best form of marketing. Yet, this assumption often leads to the belief that good marketing is out of the professionals’ control.

Confronting Change in the Tourism Industry

August 2006

Travel and tourism are highly changeable industries. Too few tourism professionals, however, think about change, not only the changes that are occurring in their industry but also the changes that are taking place in their own offices, their staffs, and communities.

Some of the Major Current Issues Confronting Tourism

July 2006

Few people would question that tourism and travel can be highly volatile industries. A great deal of the industry is dependent on the leisure traveler.

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