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Tourism Tidbits Archive

Developing Shared Leadership for Successful Tourism

September 2004

All too often tourism entities talk about “partnerships and sharing leadership”, but actually mean by that phrase: “let’s see what you can do for me.”

The Partnering Approach to Entertainment Policing

August 2004

Policing an area’s entertainment sites has become an important issue in tourism. Not only are these sites open to criminal activity, but as places in which large crowds congregate, tourism officials must deal with an evermore-nervous public. One way to lessen anxieties and to increase profits is by involving both local police departments and security [...]

The Relationship between site beautification, good security, and good marketing

July 2004

One of the major fallacies that many tourism entities suffer, be they urban or rural, is neglecting their physical appearance.

Hotel Security Management

June 2004

Often hotels and CVB directors are unaware that event and meeting planners (the people who often decide who gets the convention busines) that these people not only take security matters very seriously, but also ask some very hard and poignant questions.

Tourism & Health

May 2004

The SARS crisis and other related health crises such as those experienced by the cruise industry ought to be wake-up calls for people in the tourism/travel industry that health has become a major tourism safety issue.

Reviewing customer service

April 2004

One would imagine that people working in the hospitality fields love customer service. While that is sometimes true, all too often it is far from true.

The Anaheim Study

March 2004

The Southern California Tourism Safety & Security Association, in conjunction with the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau, recently completed a major field survey on the topic of visitor attitudes on tourism surety (safety and security).

The many aspects of tourism surety

February 2004

There is a common feeling among tourism and travel professionals that terms like tourism security and tourism safety will frighten customers and that the less said the better. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Doing and Teaching Travel and Tourism Courtesies

January 2004

Travel and tourism professionals often are so busy that they forget that theirs is a business built around all sorts of common courtesies.

Making your tourism business secure

December 2003

While most people are honest, unfortunately travel and tourism is a business like any other business. As such, there are always some people who seek to take advantage of other people’s goodwill and graciousness.

Some Suggestions in Preparing an Overall Tourism Strategy

November 2003

All too often tourism seems to develop in an almost sui generis manner. That is, rather than being a planned industry, tourism simply seems to come to a place and entrepreneurs then take advantage of the situation.

Reviewing What You Do and What You Need To Do

October 2003

In much of the world, the month of October is a “shoulder” month in the travel and visitor industry. The summer’s crowds have left and the winter season is yet to begin. This month then is a good time to analyze your part of the industry’s successes and challenges. Where might you have improved? What [...]

Promoting Your Locale as a Meeting Site: Being the Right Meeting Site

September 2003

Each year an ever-growing number of executives are faced with the dilemma of choosing a site for their annual meeting or convention.

Dealing with some tourism legal issues

August 2003

The Tourism/Visitor industry is a one of the world’s great industries. Large industries mean that there is large cash flows and large amounts of cash often mean multiple law suits and other legal problems.

Ecology and tourism

July 2003

While it would seem logical that tourism and ecology would be natural allies, often these two industries have been anything but allies. Environmentalists have argued that the tourism/travel industry has all too often failed to take into account the impact that thousands of people have on a particular locale.

Crisis recovery

June 2003

There can be no doubt that the last years have not been easy ones for many people in the tourism industry. From the travel to the hotel components of tourism, profits have for many decreased and the word “bankruptcy” is heard with ever more frequency.

The Family Vacation

May 2003

Assuming that there is an improvement in the economy and that there peace is on the horizon, May is the month when family vacations are planned. The family vacation market is a huge part of the travel industry. For example, in the US during 2001 (the last summer prior to September 11th) over 86 million [...]

Tourism, Threats, Terror, and War

April 2003

As much as the travel industry dislikes discussing the issue of threats, threat assessments, the terror attacks and war, the current climate forces travel professionals to take the time to look at threats to its component industries and be prepared to deal with such threats such they happen.

Things We Often Do Wrong

March 2003

All too often we blame business failures on others or outside factors.

Travel, Tourism, and Food Safety

February 2003

The recent scare that is still impacting the cruse industry, is another example of how important health is to the travel industry.

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