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Tourism Tidbits Archive

Dealing with some tourism legal issues

August 2003

The Tourism/Visitor industry is a one of the world’s great industries. Large industries mean that there is large cash flows and large amounts of cash often mean multiple law suits and other legal problems.

Ecology and tourism

July 2003

While it would seem logical that tourism and ecology would be natural allies, often these two industries have been anything but allies. Environmentalists have argued that the tourism/travel industry has all too often failed to take into account the impact that thousands of people have on a particular locale.

Crisis recovery

June 2003

There can be no doubt that the last years have not been easy ones for many people in the tourism industry. From the travel to the hotel components of tourism, profits have for many decreased and the word “bankruptcy” is heard with ever more frequency.

The Family Vacation

May 2003

Assuming that there is an improvement in the economy and that there peace is on the horizon, May is the month when family vacations are planned. The family vacation market is a huge part of the travel industry. For example, in the US during 2001 (the last summer prior to September 11th) over 86 million [...]

Tourism, Threats, Terror, and War

April 2003

As much as the travel industry dislikes discussing the issue of threats, threat assessments, the terror attacks and war, the current climate forces travel professionals to take the time to look at threats to its component industries and be prepared to deal with such threats such they happen.

Things We Often Do Wrong

March 2003

All too often we blame business failures on others or outside factors.

Travel, Tourism, and Food Safety

February 2003

The recent scare that is still impacting the cruse industry, is another example of how important health is to the travel industry.

Developing good tourism hospitality courses

January 2003

Tourism hospitality courses are an essential part of any tourism program.

Generating Solutions: Tourism’s Gift to the Business Community

December 2002

The end of a year is often a good time to reflect and to think about not only what we have received as an industry but also what we as an industry have given the world.

Turning your marketing into an art form

November 2002

Travel and tourism professionals spend a great amount of time, money and effort in an attempt to develop good marketing.

What we learned of failed to learn from September 11, 2001

October 2002

There ought to be little doubt that September of 2001 was a watershed year for much of the tourism industry around the world.

Risk Identity and Management

September 2002

As the world becomes a more dangerous place, there is an ever-greater need to identify risk and manage the risk.

Thinking about “tourism security”

August 2002

Tourism security constantly seems to be in the news. Often the term is used so much that we forget what we mean by security and what we are hoping to achieve with it.

Reviewing Your Visitor/Travel Business Strategic Plan

July 2002

Most people in the world of travel and tourism are too busy in the month of July to think about their strategic planing. Yet this is the month to begin evaluation of these plans and to judge if your entity’s employees, your colleagues and you understand them.

When travel experts travel

June 2002

One of the great parts of working in the travel industry is the chance to travel. While travel is still a great experience, many of us who travel a great deal have also come to realize that air travel especially is a lot less enjoyable then it used to be. Not only are the lines [...]

Getting Beyond Denial

May 2002

The recent wave of violence in the Middle East and in such countries as India and Nepal should serve as a wake-up call for tourism industries around the world.

Dealing with the Media

April 2002

The current political climate demands that tourism and travel professionals develop a code for dealing with the media. In today’s fast moving and often violent climate, the lack of a media policy, especially in the case of an emergency such as 9-11, can prove fatal to travel and tourism industries.

Working with your local police department.

March 2002

All too often tourism and travel professionals have tended to ignore issues of safety and security until faced with a crisis.

Travel Ethical Review

February 2002

The year 2002 may be a very challenging year for lots of people in the tourism industry. The security and safety issue will continue to play a major role in the new travel paradigm.

Getting 2002 off to a good start

January 2002

The start of a new year is a good time to consider that travel and tourism are undergoing many innovative and revolutionary changes.

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